Sweet Dough And Pastry Production Seminar


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Course Commences

April 22-25, 2019

Course Fee


  • Fee: Rs. 7,500 / US $ 103.82


8:00 AM Welcome, introductions, and orientation
8:30 AM Function of ingredients for sweet doughs, Danish pastry, puff pastry, and pie doughs: Flour, water, shortening/oil, sugars, salt, milk, eggs, leavening, and flavors
10:30 AM Break
10:45 AM Begin mixing sweet doughs and fillings
• Number 1- Sweet dough with delayed salt, shortening, and sugar
• Number 2- Cinnamon smear filling
• Number 3- Nut filling
• Number 4- Danish dough (single stage)
11:15 AM Baker’s percent and writing formulations- Sweet dough, Danish pastry, puff pastry, and pie doughs. (discuss during mixing of doughs and fillings)
12:00 PM Lunch break
1:00 PM Hands-on baking
• Make up glaze
• Makeup roll icing
• Makeup of sweet dough into coffeecakes
• Roll in fat to Danish dough, give one 3-fold (during proofing and baking of sweet dough)
• Makeup of cinnamon rolls
• Do 4-fold on Danish and retard overnight
• Finish production of sweet rolls
5:00 PM End of day 1
8:00 AM Mixing and fermentation: Includes demo of mixing pie dough- Retard pie dough into scaled portions
9:45 AM Break
10:00 AM Sweet dough and Danish processing and equipment
12:00 PM Lunch break
1:00 PM Hands-on baking
• Finish folds on Danish dough
• Mix 2 Puff Pastry doughs (Blitz method and Scotch method)
• Makeup of Danish dough
• Conduct all but one of the folds of puff pastry- Cover and retard
• Finish production of Danish pastry
5:00 PM End of day 2
8:00 AM Hands-on baking
• Do last fold on puff pastry
• Puff pastry makeup
• Puff pastry baking and finishing
• Pie finishing (using pre-made filling)
11:00 AM Fillings and Icings- Formulation and processing
12:00 PM Lunch break
1:00 PM Critical evaluation of all products (sweet rolls, Danish, and puff pastry)
2:30 PM Break
2:45 PM Shelf life extension of pastries
4:00 PM Course exam
4:30 PM Exam review
5:00 PM Presentation of Certificates

Cancellation Policy

Substitution:Though, you may substitute participant at any time before the course.

AIBTM reserves the right to cancel this course in the event of insufficient registration or Faculty emergency or any other emergency. If cancellation happens due to any of these reasons, AITBM will make full refund of fee. AIBTM’s liability is limited to only fee refund