Post Graduate Diploma – Bakery Technology Entrepreneurship

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  • 1-year intensive program including 2 months internship is designed for students who wish to make specialization in Bakery Science and Technology. This is only such comprehensive program for post graduate studies in Bakery Technology and Entrepreneurship available in India.


1 year


Graduate of food science, and technology or Equivalent Graduate degree preferably in science subjects with 55% mark.


The Post Graduate Diploma in Bakery Technology Entrepreneurship seeks to develop the professionals specialized in Bakery Industry. The Program covers all the aspects of Bakery Industry from knowledge of major and minor ingredients to formulation and processing of various breads, biscuits, cakes, crackers, doughnuts, flat breads etc. The various aspects of food safety, retail baking, FSSAI laws and amendments will be covered in the Program. The program is self-sufficient for all the people who are interested in Research and Development, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Processing areas of Bakery Industry.


Students successfully completing the program will be ready for Executive and Junior management bakery industry career, in large, medium, artisan units, and in related businesses internationally. They will be ready for placement in:

  • Production & Processing (Bread, Biscuits, Cakes and Sweet Goods)
  • Quality Control
  • Research & Development, Product Improvement and Design
  • Food Ingredient Technologist
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Bakery Entrepreneurship



S. No. Course Title Credits
MFS-01 Food Science & Chemistry (T) 4
MFS-02 Cereal Science (T) 2
MFS-03 Basic Ingredients Technology – I (T) 2
MFS-04 Science of Bread Technology (T) 3
MFS-05 Processing of Breads (P) 4
MFS-06 Science of Cakes & Sweet Goods (T) 2
MFS-07 Processing of Cakes & Sweet Goods (P) 4
MFS-08 Food Safety & QM (T) 3
MFS-09 Food Analysis (T) 2
MFS-10 Food Analysis (P) 2
MFS-11 Emerging Products in Bakery Industry (T) 3
Total 31 (21 + 10)


S. No. Course Title Credits
MFS-01 Science of Biscuits & Crackers (T) 3
MFS-02 Biscuits & Crackers Processing (P) 3
MFS-03 Food and Nutrition (T) 2
MFS-04 Entrepreneurship & Management(T) 2
MFS-05 Minor Projects/ Workshops (P) 6
MFS-06 Advanced Ingredients Technology  (T) 2
MFS-07 Food Packaging & Labeling (T) 3
MFS-08 Research Methodology & Statistics (T) 4
MFS-09 Bakery Operations (T) 2
MFS-10 Industrial Training (P) 4
Total 31 (18+ 13)


India, Nepal & Bhutan Students International (US$)
Registration Fee: 2500 50
Admission Fee: 10000 400
Tuition Fee: 120000 2700
Project Fee: 10000 300
Examination Fee: 7000 200
Total ₹ 149500 $ 3650


  • World class bakery lab with commercial style equipment and machinery.
  • Fully equipped research and development lab for new product development.
  • Highly designed food quality lab for testing of food samples.
  • Library, study area with wi-fi connectivity