Industry Services


Research & Development

As a fully equipped centre of excellence, AIBTM is a complete facility for Research & Development needs of industry at all levels.

Medium and small units that have not invested in R&D set up can outsource work to AIBTM. Busy R&D centre’s can get bakery related work done at AIBTM and release time at their own facility for other work. Focused and specialized bakery related facility can provide complete R&D service to bakery industry.

AIBTM laboratory facility, test bakery, flour confectionary & bakery workshop, chocolate center, snacking extruded products facility, and ancillary capacity will undertake to work on new ideas, material, formulation, processing parameters, compliance concerns and any such issues at basic research level, and work on transfer to plant level and incubation for specific issues.

Complete confidentiality is assured through specific agreements.

Sr. No. Project Name
1. Development of Lecithinated Soy Flour and Application in Bakery
2. Soya As a Bread Shelf Life and Yield enhancer
3. Egg Less Cake Premix
4. Gluten Free Cookies
5. Sugar Free Cookies
6. Fiber Rich Cookies
7. Comparative study of Wheat Flour For Cake , Cookies , Bread
8. Blueberry Fillings
9. Fat Reduction In Snacks
10. Development of Flavored Tofu

Product Development

Manufacturing units often find it difficult to release plant capacity for product development. AIBTM in its test bakery facilities and experienced personnel can help industry to take an idea to product level.

Extensive bakery workshops, multiple equipment options, and deep knowledge base can be used to create new products and re-vamp current products or develop varieties of existing products. AIBTM can help companies to translate marketing feedback on to product and process development, and generally provide a think tank support to business ideas without encroaching on tight manufacturing schedule faced by successful bakery businesses.

AIBTM resource shall provide all information that is needed for plant trials and quick implementation of commercial manufacturing.

Accredited Food Testing Lab

AIBTM will have a complete testing facility suitable for requirements of bakery industry. The laboratory will be accredited to Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

Periodic scientific testing of product and material are becoming increasingly important as are the regulatory regime expectations from the industry to take complete and transparent responsibility for food safety, quality assurance, and recall procedures. Convenient and reliable testing facility is necessary requirement. AIBTM is committed to provide service that will support the industry to fulfils its commitment.

Accredited laboratory will be separate from the teaching lab which shall be a training facility for applied bakery sciences. Accredited laboratory will be fully equipped to meet standards of FSSAI.

Trial & Test Marketing

AIBTM team is fully geared to provide complete test marketing service for bakery business operators and suppliers of ingredients and additives. Product development, trial production, and controlled test marketing for all varieties of baked goods and snacks can be seamlessly conducted to get a genuine market feedback.

Technical expertise, commercial style manufacturing facility, and knowledge resource of the AIBTM can be made available to business to business organization for use as a demonstration center for new materials and equipment.

Projects Report, Consultancy, and Support to new Entrepreneurs

AIBTM can help new entrepreneurs to set up bakery and allied businesses. Complete service on project report, market survey, product development, plant design & selection, costing, regulatory matters, quality systems, and personnel selection can be made available under one roof.

AIBTM experts can guide a new entrepreneur; train him or her in basic and advanced technology, and assume the role of a mentor to hand-hold through the process of settling the business. AIBTM expertise goes into not just the technology, but also all aspects of bakery management and marketing. It can offer complete solutions for a prospective entrepreneur.