How Baking Works Exploring the Fundamental of Baking Science


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Course Commences

DECEMBER 26-28, 2018, AIBTM, Greater Noida, NCR Delhi

Course Fee


  • Fee: Rs.6,500 including GST



1. Introduction to Baking
a. Accuracy in Baking
b. Balances and Scales
c. Unit Measures and
d. Baker’s Percentage
2. Heat Transfer
a. Methods Head Transfer
3. Overview on Baking Process
a. Setting Stages of Success – Mixing, Baking and Cooling
b. Sensory Properties of Food
4. Functions of Major and Minor Ingredients
a. Variety Grains and Flours
b. Sugar and Other sweeteners
c. Egg and Egg products
d. Fats, Oil and Emulsifiers
e. Milk and Milk Products
f. Leaving Agnes
g. Nuts and Dried Fruits
h. Coco and Chocolate Products
i. Natural and Artificial Flavors
j. Fruits and Fruit Products
5. Regulatory compliances food safety

Cancellation Policy

Substitution:Though, you may substitute participant at any time before the course.

AIBTM reserves the right to cancel this course in the event of insufficient registration or Faculty emergency or any other emergency. If cancellation happens due to any of these reasons, AITBM will make full refund of fee. AIBTM’s liability is limited to only fee refund