Extrusion Technology and Opportunities in Food Industry


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Short Course on Extrusion Technology and Opportunities in Food Industry

January 28-30, 2019

Introduction to Program

download-brochureThis program has been designed with a view to benefit the entrepreneurs based on growing consumer demands and changing food habits in India. During this three days residential program the participants will understand the versatility of extrusion processing and advances in this technology to meet the consumer demands for nutrition, health and convenience foods. The program has been designed to elucidate the benefits of twin-screw extrusion processing and possibilities of various novel food products and ingredients to the participants. As a part of the course, the participants will also get an opportunity to visit a modern twin-screw extrusion processing facility. After successful completion of this program, participants will be empowered with opportunities for a Twin-Screw Extrusion Technology and scope for this versatile technology in India.

Program Fee:

Rs. 12,500.


Available at AIBTM Hostel on twin sharing basis @ Rs.750/per day including all the meals.


Time Topic Description
9:00 Tea and Introductions
10:00 Inaugural Session
Introduction to Innovative Extrusion Processing Presentation will focus on introduction to extrusion cooking to make innovative products/ingredients to meet the consumers demand and industry requirements
International Trends in Extruded Food products Will focus on global trends in Extruded Food products and commercially successful extruded products
Comments from a successful SME entrepreneur Experience of a Small & Medium scale entrepreneur who has been working on small Indian single screw extruder grown to set up a twin-screw extruder to produce high value extruded products
Address by Chief Guest
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Twin-Screw Extrusion Plant Will focus on plant and machinery of a Twin-Screw Extrusion facility to produce different value-added products.
14:30 Fortification of Staples through Extrusion Will discuss scope and opportunities for fortification of staples like rice and dal/lentils using extrusion technology
15:30 Fortified Rice Kernels – Opportunities Will focus on introduction to Fortified Rice Kernels (Nutririce) and scope and opportunities for this product in
India and global markets
16:15 Refreshing Tea
17:15 Extruded products in Feeding Programs Suresh Itapu
18:00 Adjourn for the day
9:00 Ingredients for Extrusion Raw materials such as major and minor ingredients used in food extrusion and their role in processing
10:00 Extrusion technology for healthy ingredients Development of ingredients such as protein granules, modified starches, etc to meet the demand from functional foods
10:45 Extruded snack foods Will focus on development of snacks including Indian traditional snacks as a healthy alternate to snacks using Twin Screw extrusion Technology
11:30 Refreshing break
11:45 Breakfast cereals Will focus on production of a wide range of cereal flakes that meet the growing demand for breakfast cereals in India
12:30 Extruded starch ingredients Extrusion processing of cereals and starches to be used in processed food industry
13:15 Lunch
14:15 Conveying systems in Extrusion processing Will discuss developments in conveying systems in food industry and adaptation to extrusion processing industry
15:30 Flavoring of Extruded snacks
16:15 Refreshing break
16:30 Vegetarian Meat products
17:15 Make in India – Export Opportunities for Extruded products
18:00 Adjourn for the day
9:00- Upgradation of Single Screw Extruders
9:45 – Entrepreneur Opportunities in extruded products
10:30- Product evaluation
11:00- Participant Evaluation and Feedback
12:00- Valedictory and Lunch
1:00-Visit to Savour India Twin Screw Extrusion Facility
16:00 – Adjournment

Cancellation Policy

Substitution: Though, you may substitute participant at any time before the course.

AIBTM reserves the right to cancel this course in the event of insufficient registration or Faculty emergency or any other emergency. If cancellation happens due to any of these reasons, AITBM will make full refund of fee. AIBTM’s liability is limited to only fee refund.