Counseling Centre


The Counseling Office

The counseling office, an integral part of the Institute, is a student support service intended to help students adapt and make the best of their learning environment. It is common knowledge that when students have problems that are unresolved, it reflects in their attendance, academic performance and ultimately with their personality development. The office therefore attempts to provide a nurturing environment wherein each student is empowered to face life challenges and move ahead to achieve their academic goals.


To provide Counseling and basic Health Services in an accessible & student focused environment, keeping in mind the unique needs of the student community.

Role of the Centre

The Office aims at helping students to make proper adjustments for improved academic pursuit and quality of life. The counselors motivate and support the students to regularly attend the classes and to prepare for the exams systematically. The services offered are voluntary for students. Guidance and Counseling in our Institute is a professional activity based on certain well-accepted principles. The office conducts induction/orientation program for the new student’s Regular feedback and suggestions obtained from the students and parents are invaluable for the institution.


Admission Counseling:
This is an interactive process through which new students and their parents/ guardians are oriented to the Campus Culture and Academic Practices followed at the Institute.

Personal Counseling:
Counseling is offered in an unconditional, non-judgmental and confidential manner, to students walking in seeking help with Personal & Academic difficulties. Guidance is also provided to improve academic performance by reviewing study techniques and time management practices. The centre also serves as a channel for student’s grievances. Parents can also contact the counselors with regard to any concerns they may have about their wards.

Life Skills Classes:
In a general effort to improve the psycho- social competence of students, Life Skills classes are conducted. These classes provide an open platform for students to share their opinion, understanding and experiences with regard to a variety of issues, which influence their health and well-being. The attempt is to equip them with better skills for adaptive and positive behavior.

Initiatives Health Services:
A part time medical practitioner is available to the students for consultation. Food safety and Hygiene drive.