Bread Technology

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In this course you will understand the complete bread technology in one module at a time. The main focus area will be Bread Manufacturing Process, Ingredients Science, Food Science and Microbiology, Bread Equipments and Bakery Management. Apart from the traditional processes, advancement in industry will also be included. Candidate will also learn about the safety issues, regulations and how to manage the bakery.

Duration: 8 weeks (240 hours)

Fees: RS. 50000/-

Bakery Science (20 hours)
• Basic Chemistry
• Units and Measurement
• Baker’s Math
• Food Groups and their typical composition
• Carbohydrates, protein, lipids, Minerals and Vitamins

Food Microbiology (10 hours)
• Growth and Survival of Microorganisms in bread
• Yeast, molds, bacteria
• Food Spoilage, Food Born Illness, Allergens

Function of Ingredients and lab Analysis (40 hours)
• Role of major ingredients:
– Flour
– Water, Sugar, Salt
– Oil, Fat and Shortening
– Leavening Agents

• Role of minor Ingredients:
– Additives and Improvers,
– Preservatives,
– Emulsifiers,
– Enzymes

Bread Manufacturing Equipments (10 hours)
• Ingredient handling equipments
• Mixing Machines
• Types of Ovens
• Packaging Machines

Bread Manufacturing Processes (40 hours)
• Overview of Bread Industry
• Recipe Formulation
• Dough Mixing and Development
• Science behind Fermentation
• Baking Process
• Bread Characteristics, Faults and defects
• Bread Evaluation

Bread Production (80 hours)
• Hands on practice of
– Lean yeast dough
– Rich yeast dough
– Laminated dough
– Sweet dough
– Quick Breads

Advances in Bread Making (20 hours)
• Healthy breads
• Innovative Products

Food Safety and Quality Management (10 hours)
• Food Safety Fundamentals
• Food laws and regulation
• Quality Assurance
• Total Quality Management

Entrepreneurship Management (10 hours)
• Setting up business
• Business Organization and Structure
• Sales and Marketing
• Cost Control and Material Management



Discount: If any participant wish to apply for two or more courses, 15% discount on each course will be ensured.

Cancellation Policy

Candidate who cancels his/her enrollment in more than 7 working days before the course starts, will receive a full refund. Though 25% fee be deducted towards cancellation before 2 working days. Admission is transferable.

AIBTM reserves the right to cancel any short course due to any emergency and insufficient enrollments.