Applied Bakery Science

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About Course

In this course you will understand the applied baking in one module at a time. Candidates will learn product formulation, ingredient functionality, processing concern and shelf-life performance. They will conduct full range of research and development in developing concept and prototype bakery products, evaluating product quality, improving production efficiency in lab equipped with tools to produce and analyze a wide variety of bakery products.

• Lectures, seminars, reading, and projects
• Hands on practice in Laboratory of Applied Science
• Industry interaction
• Opportunity to Work with other institutes/companies/ Research Laboratories in collaboration of AIBTM

Duration: 8 weeks (240 hours)

Fees: RS. 50000/-

Science of Baking (40 hours)
• The Baking Industry
• Mixing and Fermentation Systems
• Dough Processing
• Baking Process

Mathematics for the Baker (10 hours)

• Unit Measurement
• Baker’s Percentage
• Formula Percentage
• Pan Sizes and Scaling Weight

Function of Ingredients (40 hours)
– Role of Ingredients
• Flour
• Water
• Leavening Agents
• Sweeteners
• Oil and Fats
• Eggs,
• Milk and Milk Products
• Additives
• Flavors and Colors

New Product Development (100 hours)
• Raw material Analysis
• Product Optimization
• Product Evaluation
• Final product Analysis
• Report writing

Advancement in Bakery (50 hours)
• Frozen Dough
• Sour Dough
• Premixes
• Fortification
• Healthy Baking



Discount: If any participant wish to apply for two or more courses, 15% discount on each course will be ensured.

Cancellation Policy

Candidate who cancels his/her enrollment in more than 7 working days before the course starts, will receive a full refund. Though 25% fee be deducted towards cancellation before 2 working days. Admission is transferable.

AIBTM reserves the right to cancel any short course due to any emergency and insufficient enrollments.