Advanced Cookie and Cracker Production


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Course Commences:

April 18, 2020

About Course

download-brochureThis course will include both soft dough cookies as well as hard dough crackers and sweet biscuits. The course combines scientific theory, industry best practices, and hands-on baking in a fast-paced three-day format. At the end of the course, the participants should understand the most important ways to make consistent quality cookies and crackers.

Course Fee

Rs. 15,000.


Day 1

8:00 Welcome and orientation

8:30 Review of biscuit formulations

  • Short dough
  • Hard dough

10:15 TEA

10:30 Mixing technology

  • Short dough
  • Hard dough

12:00 Preparation for hands-on work in the lab

12:30 Lunch break

13:30 Hands-on biscuit production- Variation of mixing

  • Short dough
  • Hard dough

17:00 Product evaluation

17:30 End of day 1

Day 2

8:00 Questions, answers, and comments from day 1

8:30 Science of fermentation

9:30 Control of makeup processes- hard dough

10:15 TEA

10:30 Control of makeup processes- soft dough

12:30 Lunch break

Day two- continued


13:30 Practical baking- Variation of makeup procedures

  • Hard dough
  • Soft dough

17:00 Product evaluation

17:30 End of day 2

Day 3

8:00 Questions, answers, and comments from day 2

8:30 Oven profiling and control of the baking process

10:15 TEA

10:30 Process Control for wafers

11:30 Production adjustments to control spread, height, and texture of biscuits

12:30 Lunch break

13:30 Formulation and new product development

  • High moisture (soft) cookies
  • Cremes and fillings
  • Gluten-free
  • Healthier

15:00 TEA

15:15 Controlling shelf life of biscuits

16:30 Course closure and valedictory Food Laws Compliance

17:00 End of course



Discount: If any participant wish to apply for two or more courses, 15% discount on each course will be ensured.

Cancellation Policy

Candidate who cancels his/her enrollment in more than 7 working days before the course starts, will receive a full refund. Though 25% fee be deducted towards cancellation before 2 working days. Admission is transferable.

AIBTM reserves the right to cancel any short course due to any emergency and insufficient enrollments.